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NexGen Nx586 - The Nx587

The Nx587

The Nx587 was the Numerics processor (co-processor) for the Nx586 and did the floating point calculations. Initially NexGen outsourced the development of the FPU at C&T. In exchange for some stock in NexGen C&T would design the logic for the Nx587. Unfortunately C&T failed to develop a working part within the agreed timeline. NexGen then brought the effort in-house and it took a lot of time to get it right.

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By the time the Nx586 was introduced the Nx587 still wasn't finished. In the end the Nx587 became a large chip that could not be integrated with the Nx586 die. The Nx587 would be produced as a separate chip which could be installed on a special socket on the motherboard.
Some Nx587 chips were produced, but they were never sold. The initial solution with the separte chip and special socket on the motherboard would be too expensive to implement. Instead the co-processor was packed together with the Nx586 die on a Multi Chip Module (MCM). The Nx586 Pf where the Processor and co-processor were packaged together on one chip was introduced in November 1995.

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