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CPU Collection
You will find here the total list of all the CPU's that I have in my collection. Open all

Model 8080
Model 8085
Model 8086
Model 8087
Model 8088
Model 80186
Model 80188
Model 80187
Model 80286
Model 80287
Model 80386
Model 80387
Model 80486
Model 80487
Model Am5x86
Model 5x86
Model Pentium
Model K5
Model 6x86
Model 6x86MX-MII
Model MediaGX
Model Geode
Model Nx586
Model PPro
Model K6
Model K6-2
Model K6-3
Model WinChip
Model WinChip2
Model Manufacturer Print Package Notes Picture
WinChip2 IDT W2-3DEE200GSA CPGA Date code : 9849, Winchip logo Picture
WinChip2 IDT W2-3DEE240GA CPGA Date code : 9902, Winchip logo, Malay Picture
WinChip2 IDT W2A-3DEE200GTA CPGA Date code : 9925, IDT logo, Malay Picture
WinChip2 IDT W2A-3DEE233GTA CPGA Date code : 9932, Winchip2 logo, Malay Picture
WinChip2 IDT W2B-3DFK200BTA PPGA Date code : 9937 Picture
Model MP6
Model M3
Model Celeron
Model PentiumII
Model PII Xeon
Model PentiumIII
Model PIII Xeon
Model Athlon
Model Duron
Model Pentium4
Model P4 Xeon
Model TM3x00
Model TM5x00
Model Athlon64
Model Opteron
Model Eden
Model Elan

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